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By joining MOOVTOO, you can leverage the platform's visibility and expand your customer reach. As a tourist guide, you can showcase and sell your turnkey tourist experiences while retaining full ownership. Additionally, becoming a part of MOOVTOO provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded professionals to co-create exciting new programs, circuits, excursions, and activities. This collaborative platform enables you to break out of any potential isolation and connect with other professionals who share your passion for the industry and values.

Creating an account is a straightforward process that can be completed by following the instructions provided on this page

MOOVTOO's experience creators, collaborate with expert guides to craft complete and all-inclusive stays, packages, or tours, which are showcased on the platform for its visitors. As co-creators of these offerings, guides earn a percentage of the sales revenue for each tour or package sold.

As a tourism professional listed on MOOVTOO, you gain visibility through the platform's digital guide, which showcases places and activity centers across all regions of Lebanon. This increased presence not only boosts your visibility but also keeps you abreast of the rapidly evolving tourism sector. By joining the MOOVTOO community platform, you become a part of a dedicated network focused on promoting local, sustainable, and responsible tourism.

During the launch phase, professionals can create a presence on MOOVTOO at no cost. They can then evaluate the impact of their presence on the platform, including customer acquisition and revenue generated, to determine if it's a worthwhile investment for their business.

MOOVTOO offers tourism professionals increased visibility and access to potential new customers. Visitors to MOOVTOO rely on the platform to curate custom travel itineraries that include unique and personalized activity ideas, which they may not have otherwise discovered. Powered by artificial intelligence, MOOVTOO's recommendations are designed to take users off the beaten path and discover new and unexpected places.

Moreover, MOOVTOO empowers professionals to keep pace with market developments. By being a part of the platform, professionals can tap into market studies and receive valuable insights. Utilizing big data tools, we produce reports on various tourism-related topics and share these findings with our members. This helps them adjust their strategy, communication, and offerings to meet evolving market and user expectations.

Creating an account is a straightforward process that can be completed by following the instructions provided on this page.

MOOVTOO is a digital platform that provides users with highly personalized tourist experiences, tailored to their expressed preferences. In addition to this, MOOVTOO offers a mobile application, known as the Travel Companion, that serves as a travel guide and provides users with ideas for activities and relevant content throughout their journey.

MOOVTOO stands apart from other digital platforms by revolutionizing the way travel and tourism experiences are designed. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, MOOVTOO is all about providing each user with an experience that caters to their unique interests. By connecting users with local professionals, MOOVTOO transforms a pleasant trip into an unforgettable adventure filled with local discoveries that the user may not have been able to experience otherwise.
Our goal is to offer unique and personalized tourist experiences every time, as we recognize that every traveler is different.

Our goal is to promote sustainable and responsible tourism by providing meaningful experiences that offer real value to those who participate. We leverage the full potential of digital technology and utilize ethical algorithms to design these personalized experiences.